Student Spotlight – I’m Working at Microsoft

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Meet…Thomas Labuzienski

Started as a Product Marketing Manager, now works as a Business Planner with XBox Games Marketing

WHAT’S YOUR FIRST JOB AFTER GRADUATION? At Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA. My position was a Product Marketing Manager on the Strategic Partnerships team for Brand Studios.

HOW DID YOU GET THE JOB? I was offered this position after a summer internship at Microsoft that I found through the UCSO.

CAREER ADVICE? My career advice is to be patient and wait for the company that is the best fit. I didn’t interview for Microsoft until February. I am really glad that I waited because Microsoft, and more specifically the Strategic Partnerships team, was a great fit for me. There are still many great companies that recruit in the spring at Kelley.

FAVORITE KELLEY MOMENT SO FAR? My favorite Kelley moment so far was going to Johannesburg, South Africa to study businesses’ role in protecting human rights.

By Trisha Doyle
Trisha Doyle Career Coach and Student Help Desk Manager Trisha Doyle