Congratulations on your Job Offer(s)…. Now what? Evaluating Job Offers and More

Evaluating Job Offers:
It is important to identify personal factors that are essential to accepting a position. Ideally, you created criteria for the selection of positions and industries when you developed your interview strategy. If not, it is important to determine the top 3-5 criteria that are critical for you to determine whether or not the position is a good match for your career goals. These factors will vary in importance, but by knowing your priorities and weighing their value, you can develop a decision matrix. Remember to consider commuting distance, professional memberships, on-site amenities, travel perks, and vacation/time-off policies. Once you have determined the criteria, prioritize them if you are looking at multiple offers.
Below are some more criteria you may want to consider:
• Personal values
• Work/Life balance
• Salary/Signing bonus
• Level of responsibility, challenge, and intensity
• How you like to work: teams or independently
• Opportunities to use your skills, expertise, and interests

• Whether or not you like and fit into the company culture
• Geographic location
• Benefits
• Understanding of the industry and financial stability
• Physical environment and working conditions
Think about and identify factors important to you beyond salary, then develop your “Decision Matrix” before you receive a job offer to best evaluate if the job is the right one for you. Use the following framework to help you evaluate an offer or multiple offers.


Decision Matrix Example
1. Record your criteria for a fulfilling job, such as your top values, interests, skills, work style, and environmental preferences.
2. Rank the criteria in terms of importance to you.
3. Evaluate the degree to which your criteria is fulfilled by
each option.

Use a scale of 1-5 with 1 being low and 5 being high. In the example below, a quick summary would show that “B” had the highest overall score with “A” and “C” a close second.

To complete the Decision Matrix, click HERE.

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By Trisha Doyle
Trisha Doyle Career Coach and Student Help Desk Manager Trisha Doyle