Tips for Job Seekers: The Benefits of Networking

Mastering Your Job Search – In Layers

There are several avenues prospective employees can take to find their “perfect” job. However, many still choose to rely solely on submitting resumes online, which is a mistake. Any recruiter or HR manager will tell you they don’t get to the majority of applications, due to automated processes such as applicant tracking systems and the sheer volume of resumes received. While submitting online is often a requirement, prospective employees need to think about their job search in layers. In addition to submitting a resume online, there are several different avenues a prospective employee should incorporate into the job search mix. Below are some you should pursue as you look for your ideal job:

  1. There is no time like face time
  2. The Company you keep
  3. Taking social seriously
  4. Get to know the hiring manager
  5. Test the waters with temping
  6. Get out there!!!

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Build a Network Before You “Need” a Network

Networking is the #1 resource you have in finding yourself a job.

Watch the video to learn how to successfully network and make connections!

By Trisha Doyle
Trisha Doyle Career Coach and Student Help Desk Manager Trisha Doyle