Student Spotlight – How I Got My Consulting Job!

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By Jose Furman  Senior in Finance (also Real Estate) and Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation

The Undergraduate Career Services Office conducted an interview with Jose Furman about steps he took to get a full time job. Here is what he had to say!

1. What job did you accept? Where will you be living?

I accepted a job with Frederic W. Cook & Co. I will be working out of their Atlanta office.

2. How did the UCSO help you?

The UCSO helped me in many ways. I can confidently say that they were the best resource that I used in order to get this job. Trisha and everyone else on the team were extremely helpful throughout the entire process, helping me with mock interviews, resume editing, and ultimately getting me to the specific job I was looking for.

3. What was the best career advice you received?

Prepare for every interviews as if it is a final exam, the biggest test of your life. This way you will know everything about the firm, position, and can have excellent questions for the interviewer.

4. What information would you share with younger students?

Start early and prepare for interviews as if they were a big exam. Nobody wants to hire someone who did not prepare for the interview, it shows that you care and did your homework. Trust the process and use the UCSO as a resource!

5. How did you find your job?

I found my job posting on the undergraduate career services website. I had an initial phone screening followed by a superday interview at the office. I worked with the UCSO to look through job postings that best met my desired workplace, which included: industry, firm size, and geographic location.

By Carol Maldonado
Carol Maldonado Career Coach Carol Maldonado