Improve Your Résumé by Turning Bullet Points into Stories


By Jane Heifetz

You’re searching for a new job. Updating your LinkedIn profile and résumé. Describing your accomplishments in two- to three-line bullet points that start with powerful action verbs and end with quantifiable results.

You know the standard advice. But for the most part, recruiters aren’t calling. And on the rare occasions when you do land an interview, you stumble over questions about what you’d bring to the hiring company and why you’re the perfect fit. So how can you make your résumé, profile, and interview more effective?

Start by framing your bigger picture before adding those smaller bullet points. Tell compelling before-and-after stories. What were your previous places of employment like when you started there? What were their biggest challenges, and how did you help meet them? How are those organizations better because of you? Then add the more detailed bullet points to fill in those stories.



By Carol Maldonado
Carol Maldonado Career Coach Carol Maldonado