4 Rules to Network Successfully!

4 Rules to Network Successfully|Vault Blogs|Vault.com

by Kristina Rudic | July 25, 2016Informational Interview-B spot

Networking can be unnerving, to say the least. Meeting new people – particularly ones you want to impress – can leave many of us sweaty palmed, blubbering, and just plain out nervous. If you ask experts, networking is one of the most important parts to a successful job search. Here are four crucial ways to make sure every networking opportunity goes well:

Be intentional 

Before you start handing out your business cards, decide what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you simply aiming to practice your “elevator speech” and see how it lands? Are you aiming to meet peers in your industry? Are you trying to find customers or potential partners? Are you looking to expand your professional network? Are you simply fulfilling your boss’ request to attend an event in his stead? By knowing what you’re looking to get out of the networking event you’re attending, you can set a strategy tailored to that goal. Networking for networking’s sake can be a huge waste of time, so be sure to know what you’re hoping to get from your networking exchanges (even if it’s just more practice meeting new people).


By Carol Maldonado
Carol Maldonado Career Coach Carol Maldonado