Kelley Grad Gary Chung Shares How to Succeed in the Job Search!


Gary Chung, a recent Kelley grad, shares with us how he was successful in his job search! Here’s what he has to say!

  1. What job did you accept? Where will you be living?

I accepted an internship offer from Alaska Airlines to join their customer communication team in the summer of 2016. I will be working in Seattle, WA, hometown of Alaska Airlines.

  1. How did you find your job?

In my sophomore year, I applied for Alaska’s internship program and I reached out to Jeff, a marketing manager at Alaska and did an informational interview. Even though I did not receive an offer, I updated Jeff about my summer whereabouts in the past few summer.

When I was job hunting in my senior year, I applied for Alaska’s internship again. For spring break, I went to Seattle, hometown of Alaska Airlines, and I grabbed coffee with Jeff. After spring break, I completed two rounds of interview with Alaska and I received my offer a week before I graduate.

During my internship, I found out that Jeff has put in a good word for me to my supervisor during the screening process.

My manager Jenny mentioned that my previous summer internships are very relevant to the airline industry. Also, she pointed out that I provided substantial, well-considered response and my personality truly shined during the Skype interview.

  1. What steps did you take to network or conduct informational interviews?

After I reached out to the professional, I would provide my availability during the week.

Before I conduct an informational interview, I would research the professional on LinkedIn and look up recent news coverage of the company. More importantly, I would prepare a 30-second introduction and good questions to ask during the interview.

  1. How did the UCSO help you?

Besides proofreading my resumes, UCSO did a good job in providing emotional support during the job searching process.

During my job searching, USCO resolved my concern about job search strategies and communicating with potential employer.

More importantly, USCO career coaches provided me with the confidence that my goal is possible and patience will be rewarded.

  1. What was the best career advice you received?

Be proactive:

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals for advice and information
  • Few opportunities will be given to you, you have to take steps and reach for them
  1. What information would you like to share with younger students?
  • Informational interview provides you with information and relationship, which potentially gives you an edge in the screening process.
  • Your presentation matters a great deal to potential employer: including tone, voice, pronunciation, outfits, appearances
  • Smile comes a long way
By Carol Maldonado
Carol Maldonado Career Coach Carol Maldonado