4 Ways to Decide Between Multiple Job Offers!


Fact: If you’re currently toting around a handful of job offers, your friends are probably wavering back and forth between being jealous and being sick of hearing about it. However, what they likely don’t believe is that this really is a hard place to be in. You truly can’t decide what to do—and talking out the options isn’t you humble bragging.

Well, good news—I’m not here to make you feel guilty. Just to congratulate you and hopefully make things a bit easier. After all, you’ve worked really hard to put yourself in this position. And now that you have a few options on the table, you’re determined to make the right decision.

So, to help you sort everything out, here are four questions to ask yourself if you’re lucky enough to be in this situation.

1. Are You Looking Beyond the Perks?

To stay competitive for the best talent, a lot of companies have really upped their game when it comes to perks. It’s not uncommon anymore for contenders to be offered free health insurance, onsite laundry facilities, and access to the types of kitchens that only seem real on TV. However, because these perks are so awesome, it’s really easy to get swept away by them and ignore other aspects of the job.


By Carol Maldonado
Carol Maldonado Career Coach Carol Maldonado