Here are 4 Tips for Choosing Between Job Offers!


So, how do you choose the right job without worrying if you’ve made the wrong decision? Business News Daily asked career experts for their best advice for how to decide among multiple job offers. Here are nine tips for choosing your next career move.

“The most important things to look for in a job offer will depend on where you’re at in your life and career. Your top priority could be compensation, or it could be acquiring new skills and experience. Make sure you understand your current priorities as you evaluate job offers.” – Kelly Donovan, job search consultant and principal, Kelly Donovan & Associates

“It’s best to start your job search with a list of what you want in the new job. Once you begin to receive offers, you can compare the jobs to your list to see which one best fits your criteria, and then choose.” – Jason Dukes, business coach and founder, Captain’s Chair Coaching

“Don’t just judge the job on the salary. This is one of the most common mistakes job seekers make. You need to be able to pay your bills and sustain your lifestyle, but taking a job purely based on a larger paycheck can set you up for failure and disappointment.” – Thomas J. Ward, executive director, Center for Career Development, Adelphi University [Rejecting a Job Offer? How to Do It Right ]


By Carol Maldonado
Carol Maldonado Career Coach Carol Maldonado