Go Beyond Kelley Connect to Find Jobs! Check Out These Resources to Help You!

Staff Picks

The resources below are available, at no charge, to you as a student to conduct company research. Easy to use and very useful.  Request passwords to log in and get started! Check out the Resources tab!


  • Learn about the world of work and get some tips about searching for jobs in other countries.

  • Sorted by country and city you can research information from work visas to companies in over 80 countries and 270 cities around the world.

  • Not sure if they would need a CV or Resume? Looking for a local opportunity in country? Want to know more about the lifestyle in the country you are interested in? The country specific page has this useful information and more listed.

WALL STREET JOURNAL                

  • Log in easily through the resource page at careers.kelley.iu.edu.

  • Read the careers section under the Life tab. From advice columns to analysis of current news events that affect the world of business, this free resource can be read at your leisure.

  • The industries section under the Business tab includes articles that give you insight into current industry trends.


  • Interested in a career in sports? This resource will help you get connected with sports jobs and insider industry information.

By Trisha Doyle
Trisha Doyle Career Coach and Student Help Desk Manager Trisha Doyle