Kelley Student Michaela Hillman Shares how to Network Using Linkedin!


By Michaela Hillman – Public Policy and Technology Management, Kelley School of Business – May 2018

For the college student, LinkedIn can connect you to your colleagues, instructors, advisors, recruiters, alumni, and so much more. Think of it as a professional Facebook but without all the gifs and memes.

Most Kelley students are introduced to LinkedIn through Compass I. They set up a profile, make a few connections, and upload a professional photo. But, after that, many LinkedIn features remain unknown to a lot of students. Have you ever wanted to find an alum with your dream job and just chat with them? Or catch up on company-relevant news before the big career fair?

Here’s a quick and comprehensive list of capabilities:

Stay in contact with alumni
Join alumni groups and be sure to check in occasionally. Update them on cool things happening in your club, professional development, or fun stuff around Bloomington. In the search bar, you can click on a drop down menu to look at specific schools (like Indiana University), companies, job titles, and more. Find what lines up with what you are looking for.

Learn about recruiters/interviewers before you meet them
Show them you are interested in their company. You took the extra step to learn about who’s coming to visit your campus. Also, what if you have something in common. That makes an easy talking point that will make you memorable and more comfortable. It’s a lot easier holding a conversation if it is natural and about something you like. Recruiters and potential employers feel the same way. Even the exciting cereal bar in the employee café gets boring when it is talked about twenty-three times.


By Carol Maldonado
Carol Maldonado Career Coach Carol Maldonado