10 Questions to Never Ask At an Interview and More Interview Tips!

There are many questions you might be tempted to ask in an interview that you shouldn’t. As a general rule, you should not ask about how the company will benefit you. Instead, focus your questions on what you’d contribute to the company if hired. Here are 10 questions to avoid asking in an interview.

1. What are the hours?

How you spend your time each day on the job is perhaps one of the most important factors that will determine whether you accept a job offer. However, this question should wait until after you’ve been offered the job. Asking about hours in the interview stage might give the impression that you value your personal time above your time at work, and imply that you want to spend as little time in the office as possible.

2. What is the salary? Is there an opportunity to earn a bonus?

While salary is another critical determining factor, asking about it during an interview may insinuate that money is your top priority in your job search. The interview is a time to learn more about the specifications of the job and company, not to discuss how much money you will make. Consider researching online ahead of time to discover the typical salary for the role, so that you are informed heading into the interview. If the hiring manager does not address salary in your interview, and you end up moving forward in the hiring process, then it will definitely come up in later conversations. So be prepared to talk about it knowledgeably.

3. Who are your main competitors?

Knowledge of competition is fundamental to understanding a business, but you should already know the answer to this question from doing your company research in preparation for your interview. If you’re interested in addressing the topic of competition, try asking a question such as, “What differentiates your company’s business model from that of your competitors X and Y?” Be sure to reference the competitor companies by name and understand their core businesses, to demonstrate not only that you understand the industry but also that you’ve dedicated time to preparing for this interview.



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By Carol Maldonado
Carol Maldonado Career Coach Carol Maldonado