How Do I Connect with Employers on Campus?

Still Want to Find Opportunities to Connect with Employers? Attend the various opportunities below!

Information Sessions: 45-1 hour sessions that begin with informal networking and then a presentation by company employees on their firm, job positions open and testimonials about life at XYZ, Inc. These are usually in the evenings, but can be on Fridays or during the day. Most companies book rooms in Kelley, however you’ll find information sessions off-campus as well. Make sure you check Kelley Connect for the right location! Food is usually provided and you’re expected, but not obligated, to eat.

Meet and Greets: Recruiters will host a table in the Prebys Presentation area for a morning or afternoon and it’s an excellent time to have an informal conversation with IU alumni or recruiters from the company. You can tell them about your Kelley career, future interests, but most importantly ask THEM questions about their undergrad/work experience. Recruiters love giving advice to eager students.

Office Hours: Some companies will host office hours during the day to prepare students for interviews or to provide more one-on-one information to interested students.

Pre-Nights: These events are usually the evening before scheduled interviews and usually occur in a Bloomington restaurant. Students who are invited are those interviewing the next day with the company!  Invitations are sent through e-mail so make sure you check it regularly!

General notes:

  • If there is an RSVP, FILL IT OUT, even if you end up not being able to come. They use these numbers as a ballpark for food ordering.
  • If you can only attend the first or second half of a session, it is OK to leave early/arrive long as you cause minimal disruptions.  If the company is a priority, you can contact the recruiter to let them know you can only attend for a specific portion or if you are not able to attend, let them know. This lets them know you are interested!
  • Some sessions may not take place in Kelley. CHECK KELLEY CONNECT for accurate information.
  • Collect contact information for the recruiters you meet and always send follow-up Thank-You emails! We cannot provide you with recruiter information that isn’t public on Kelley Connect.
  • When in doubt–Dress Business Casual (does not apply to Meet and Greet and Office Hours)

Have more questions – stop by the Prebys Career Center!


By Trisha Doyle
Trisha Doyle Career Coach and Student Help Desk Manager Trisha Doyle