Excelling at Plan B: Kate Van Dyke of Coyote Logistics


Kate Van Dyke, Kelley 2010 grad, shares how she found her career even though it was not the path she initially intended for herself! Read below!

  1. You graduated in 2010 with a degree in real estate finance and because of the economy you quickly realized you needed a “plan B.” Were you hesitant to jump into something completely different than what you had imagined?
    Not really, actually! My fall semester senior year was packed full of job interviews. My goal was to get as much practice interviewing as possible, from my dream employers to smaller, startup companies. As I went through the drawn out process, I noted the company qualities that I was drawn too while conversed with the recruiters. A young workforce, rapid company growth, and a fast paced, challenging atmosphere were among some of the buzz words that made my ears perk up.  When it came time to choose a job, I tried to focus more on the companies that fulfilled my “must haves” versus the job title on paper.
  2. . What advice do you have for others who might be looking at “plan B” career options?
    Keep an open mind! Just because you focused on a specific topic in college doesn’t mean that has to be the be all end all. Explore as many opportunities as you can and network as much as possible.  Just because you meet someone now that works for a company you aren’t interested in doesn’t mean your paths won’t cross in the future under different circumstances.

And be patient. If you’re pursuing an opportunity that doesn’t feel right in your gut, move onto the next one

Learn more about how Kelley alumn Kate changed her plans during senior year and learned to prioritize what was important to her career path.

By Trisha Doyle
Trisha Doyle Career Coach and Student Help Desk Manager Trisha Doyle