Don’t Miss Out on Interviews! Did you check the DATES included in the job description?

Do you know what the dates listed in a job description mean?  Pay close attention to the dates or you could miss out on an interview!!!

Note: For specific questions about Kelley Connect, applying for jobs, signing up for interviews or anything related to your interview – COME TO THE HELP DESK OR CALL 812-855-2482!

Each On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) job posting will have dates associated with it.  NOTE: date changes occur “around” midnight!

Interview Date: the date of the interview

Resume submission start date: the date students can begin applying by submitting their resume and other requested documents

Resume submission end date: the date students can no longer apply for the position

Sign-up start date: the date students INVITED to interview can start signing up for interview slots. Invited students are guaranteed a time slot if they sign up in the Sign-up start date time frame – make sure you select a time slot before the Alternate sign-up date!   REMEMBER – if you do not want to interview DECLINE the interview so another student has a chance to interview

Alternate sign-up date:  the date students selected as ALTERNATES can sign up for an interview ONLY if the students invited to interview miss the sign-up date or decide not to interview.  If you are an ALTERNATE – you are NOT guaranteed an interview slot, keep checking Kelley Connect

Cancellations start date: the date invited students and alternates cancel their interview

Cancellations end date: the last date invited students or alternates can cancel or reschedule their interview times. If you have changes after this date – review the Interview Cancellations and No-Show Policy

Sign-up end date: Typically 2 business days before an interview date when no other changes can be made to a schedule



By Trisha Doyle
Trisha Doyle Career Coach and Student Help Desk Manager Trisha Doyle