Go Beyond the Click to Land the Interview – Tips from a Recruiter

It’s pretty easy to apply for jobs in Kelley Connect.  As long as you meet the screening criteria, you can simply apply with a few clicks.  Take the extra effort to stand out among other applicants.  Here are 3 steps to get noticed:

  1. Reach out to an alumni or a senior who has worked at that company and conduct a quick informational interview
  2. Attend the company’s information sessions, office hours, meet & greets to network and continue to learn about the role and company
  3. Email the recruiter and/or hiring manager and let them know you are applying, what you like about the position and company, how your skills and experiences connect with the job, and ask for the interview

Making the extra effort will help you land an interview.

By Thao Nelson
Thao Nelson Senior Associate Director Thao Nelson