Q&A with Tanner Snider, Poets & Quants Campus Correspondent

Tanner Snider

Hometown: Vincennes, Indiana

Year: Senior

Majors: Finance; Economic Consulting; Business Analytics

Questions with Campus Correspondent Tanner Snider

When did you know you wanted to go to business school?

Throughout high school, I was heavily involved in Business Professionals of America and served as my chapter’s president for two years. After competing and placing at the national conference, I became interested in pursuing a business degree and realized that my skill set could lead to a rewarding career in business. Then, during the summer after my junior year of high school, I finally made the decision that I would apply to undergraduate business programs when applications opened.

When you found out you were accepted into Kelley, what was your reaction?

I was very thrilled about the opportunity to attend a great business school in my home state of Indiana; however, I hadn’t made my final decision on where to attend, so the greater excitement came later.

What other schools did you apply to?

I also considered the University of Michigan, Notre Dame, and a few smaller schools in Indiana.

Why should students preparing to enter college consider going into business school?

I believe there are three reasons why students should consider undergraduate business school. First, it provides a degree that can lead to an extremely diverse set of opportunities upon graduation. I’m doing consulting, but I have friends going into banking, law school, advertising, public sector positions, and nonprofit work. Secondly, business school (at least my experience at Kelley) teaches you how to work extremely well with others which is a core skill needed in almost any post-college scenario. Lastly, business school grads typically have strong employment outcomes upon graduation. At Kelley, 95% of students have a full-time job or pursue graduate school within three months of graduation.

What has been the most surprising thing about B-school?

Coming to Kelley from an extremely small rural high school in Indiana with only 76 students in my graduating class, I worried about the size of Kelley (nearly 7,000 undergrads) and its classes. To my surprise, the faculty of large classes are some of the best in Kelley and do an exceptional job engaging with their students through in-class participation, technology, and office hours. Additionally, Kelley has 60+ student organizations, a business honors program, and many other groups that quickly allow you to find a smaller group of like-minded students. Getting involved early really helped me build friendships and feel surprisingly at home, even at such a large school.

How many internships have you done and with what companies?

I’ve completed three internships throughout my undergraduate career–one each summer. My first summer, I worked for a small law firm in New York City called Urban Cartographics. After sophomore year, I worked for Oracle in Chicago as a Client Services Consulting Intern. Last summer, I worked in Chicago as a Summer Business Analyst for McKinsey & Company.

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By Trisha Doyle
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