How I Created My Own Internship in FRANCE!

Hank Duncan, a junior majoring in Economic Consulting and Germanic Studies, found an internship of a lifetime – and it’s even in a different country! He found this position by being proactive in his internship search and taking his own path. He searched for “cycling companies in France” and sent an email to each one explaining that he possessed the skills in analytics & logistics, that would allow him to excel in any kind of organizational project.

He answered a couple of our questions below!

1.  Where are you working this summer? Where is it located?

I will be working at Discover France, which is a company located near Montpellier, France that organizes cycling trips throughout France and works with le Tour de France for cycling fans to watch the Tour.

2. How did you find the job?

I found the job simply by emailing the company explaining what skills I can offer along with my passion for cycling and learning French.

3. What suggestions would you have for another student looking for an internship abroad?

Don’t just apply to “formal” internships. Cold calling and emailing companies directly is incredibly helpful. Yes, you will probably get rejected by many companies. I have a list of about 80 companies that rejected me. You just need that one company to say yes, and it makes all of the effort worth it.

By Trisha Doyle
Trisha Doyle Career Coach and Student Help Desk Manager Trisha Doyle