IU Kelley UCS Travels to China

How was your summer? Busy with your internship, job, traveling, classes, everything else in between?

Many students think summertime is a great chance for IU faculty and staff to enjoy some downtime with the quieter streets and campus (which we do, family trips and office picnics!), but it is also when many of us partake in professional development events, and overseas business trips!

Case in point, I had an amazing opportunity to travel to East Asia this summer. First stop was Seoul, finishing it off in Beijing and Shanghai to connect with various IU Kelley partners, alumni, and to represent our School and Office at the Shanghai Career Fair held on Saturday, July 21, 2018. Two more Career Fairs took place in Shenzhen (Saturday, July 28, 2018) and in Beijing (Saturday, August 4, 2018). By the way, these happen EVERY YEAR and FREE to ALL IU students and alumni! Employers looking for candidates include Bloomberg, Citi Bank, Deloitte, Disney Shanghai, EY, GE, Haier, Honeywell, Huawei, JP Morgan, IBM, Intel, Loreal, Pfizer, PwC, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Unliver, and the list goes on!

Our annual Shanghai Company Visits were also a success–this year, we visited GE China, PwC China, EY, and JuneYao.

It was my first time to actually visit Beijing and Shanghai–I did have a quick layover in Beijing few years ago, but didn’t have the time to venture out–and WOW was I taken aback by the sheer number of people, buildings, cars, and bicycles.

More importantly, my three main takeaways during my visit to China were undiscovered opportunities, amazing growth, and people who make it happen (and IU alumni are many of those people who make it happen!).

Now more than ever, we are convinced many of our students exploring career opportunities and options in China will not be disappointed. Did you know that there has been an overwhelming number of domestic and global companies in China looking and wanting to hire overseas talents? Majority of these employers are in the internet/e-commerce, finance/banking, and consulting industries. According to research and my conversations with our Chinese employment counterparts reveal those with business-related and/or IT majors are most coveted, needed, and wanted. Curious about salary? Most of the companies looking for overseas talents are willing to negotiate and pay their overseas talents MORE than the domestic workforce.

We are EXCITED to see where more of our IU Kelley students are willing to go to discover and charter their own career paths and represent IU Kelley wherever they go.

A very special thanks to IU China Gateway Office for organizing the trip, and to Chinese Business Association (CBA) at Kelley for leading the company visits.

Stay tuned for quick career advice and profiles of our international IU Kelley alumni coming up in the next few weeks!

Blog by Sara Ko-Ada, Associate Director of International Student Services | Career Coach at IU Kelley UCS 

By Sara Ko-Ada
Sara Ko-Ada Associate Director of International Student Services Sara Ko-Ada