NYC Summer Intern Housing

Recognizing how expensive it can be to intern in New York City, EHS is pleased to offer discounted summer rates to students currently receiving a Federal Pell Grant. We hope this initiative will give more students an opportunity to intern in the Big Apple.

Additionally, all students who reserve summer 2019 housing by March 19th will receive a $200 gift card for a food delivery service (such as GrubHub) when they arrive, also helping to lighten the cost of a summer in NYC.

This link has information on both offers and below is copy I hope you will share. CLICK HERE to post to Twitter automatically.

Are you Interning in NYC this summer?

Join thousands of interns who have called
Educational Housing Services (EHS) home.
Choose from six EHS residences throughout NYC and relax in comfort with amenities including A/C, free wifi, fitness centers, and networking activities.

Pell Grant students receive reduced rates,
PLUS use Promo Code FOOD to receive a $200 gift card for a food delivery service when you book your summer housing by March 19!

or call 1-800-297-4694 for more information

By Lynette Weber
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