Just for Our International Students (5/2019)

Hello Summer, Goodbye Spring Semester!
It’s already the end of spring semester, but we still have 500+ internship and job postings on Kelley Connect! Read below for opportunities and events!
Have an Internship/Job or Going to Graduate School? Free Kelley Swags for YOU!

Congratulations, we’re excited for you! Don’t forget to report your offer on Kelley Connect and get FREE Kelley swags. There’s more—if you bring a friend to the Prebys Career Center to report their status, you get another free GIFT!

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Don’t Forget about CPT for Your Internship in the U.S.

Do you have a summer internship lined up here in the U.S.? International students MUST HAVE U.S. government authorization to intern/work outside the university. The CPT process can take up to four (4) weeks! Learn more on how you can get this process started ASAP!

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Have Questions about Internship-related Courses X498 and W499?

There are two internship-related courses offered through the Kelley School of Business. If you have an internship lined up or will be soon, please click the link below to learn more about what course fits your experience!

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Staying in Bloomington or Indiana for the Summer?

There are local summer opportunities (in Bloomington and in the State of Indiana) you may want to check out! Log on to Kelley Connect to review and apply!

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IU Student Employment Website

Looking for part-time job or internship on campus? There’s a new student employment resource created by the IU Career Development Center. As an IU international student, you do NOT need CPT to work or intern at IU, so don’t forget to check these opportunities out!

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China Career Fairs 2019

It’s BACK! China Career Fairs 2019 are happening in three cities—Shenzhen (July 20, 2019), Shanghai (July 27, 2019), and Beijing (August 3, 2019)! Registration is now OPEN, click the link below to learn more about the Career Fairs!

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Looking for Jobs/Internships in China? Access Lockin China-IU Portal!

More global opportunities for our Kelley students! Find out about various jobs and internship positions being offered in China, as well as helpful tips to better understand the Chinese work environment, top Chinese employers, job search prep, and much more!

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Doing Your Own Job/Internship Search?

Interested in jobs and internships in the U.S. and globally? It’s free to use Passport Career, Opentowers.com, and Lockin China to look for opportunities beyond Kelley Connect!

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We’re OPEN in the Summer!

Questions during the summer? We’re OPEN in the summer and career coaches are available! Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment using your Kelley Connect account. We can help you with all your career-related questions.

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Passport Career: Global Career Training
Create a Powerful Global Resume or CV
Mon., May 6; 11a.m./11p.m.International Careers in Business
Thurs., May 9; 11a.m./3p.m.

Strategies for Targeting H1B Employers
Mon., May 13; 11a.m./11p.m.

International Job Search Strategies: How to Really Find a Job Abroad
Thurs., May 23; 11a.m./3p.m.

Finding Jobs/Internships with the UN & Intergovernmental Organizations
Thurs., May 30; 11a.m./3p.m.

Staff Picks

CPT Application Process

Summer To-do List: Prep for Fall Recruiting

International Friendly Hiring List

Passport Career

Report your Employment/Status on Kelley Connect


By Sara Ko-Ada
Sara Ko-Ada Associate Director of International Student Services Sara Ko-Ada