Leadership? Theory and Practice are both needed!

Excellent academic performance?
Professional CV?
Comprehensive understanding of interviews?
Do they guarantee better positions in well-known companies?

Rich internships?
Brilliant interview experience?
High-ranking academic background?
Will you win in the management trainee application?

No, leadership is the top value!
As a newcomer to the company, you are expected to be the leader with high-qualified leadership that can lead the team in the future. Also, as the selection of future leaders, leadership is the key issue in the management trainee projects! How to prepare yourself well and face those challenge, being the winner in management trainee applications? This summer, Lockin holds the 2019 LeadIn Program to improve leadership of overseas talents through practice + lectures, enhancing your comprehensive abilities!

Please go to http://promotions.lockinchina.com/leaderIn to
register or receive more information about LeaderIn Program.

By Lynette Weber
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