Juniors: This is NOT normal!

Please know that during times of “not normal” the normal doesn’t apply.  What does that mean?  Resumes will look different, experiences will look different and internships will look different.  The standard measure of experience for full time hiring will also look different and we have no crystal ball as to what that will ultimately look like but the one thing we can guarantee is that it will look different than last year!

If you don’t have a summer internship secured or if your summer internship has been canceled or altered that’s OK!  There are other things you can do this summer to have a productive summer experience. Volunteer, create your own research project, talk to professionals in the field you’re pursuing, learn something new (taking classes or through less formal vehicles online). Just make sure you’re doing something and have a story to tell about why you’re doing it!

Most important, if you have concerns talk to a career coach. We’re still here to support you.  We have appointments available daily in Kelley Connect and drop-ins are still being conducted via zoom.  Simply email ucso@indiana.edu if you have any difficulties!

By Kori Renn
Kori Renn Director of Career Advising Kori Renn