A Note for Our Seniors: Controlling What You Can Control

Now is a great time to connect with professionals!  If you have band-with, connect with people in your target industry, and grow you network! Also, continue to hone your skills, pay attention to your classes, create a structured routine and bring this academic year home strong!

For those of you who are still pursuing your full time opportunities, have confidence that you will be successful! We have confidence in you! The UCS coaches, (Brian, Carol, Eunice, Kori, Mike, Sara, Susie and Taryn) are here to support you through your search and are happy to meet virtually with you.  Make appointments on Kelley Connect, or by emailing ucso@indiana.edu.

Remember, you can only control what’s in your scope of control.  The impact that COVID-19 is having on the hiring and economic outlook is not in the scope of your control, but taking steps to cultivate relationships is.   Focus on the long game of the career search and know that the work you put in now will pay off when the economy rebounds, or sooner!  We are still receiving reports of new offers and companies are still pursuing talent for full time opportunities.  If you are concerned, need advice, or just want to talk with someone other than your parents, we’re here for you!

By Kori Renn
Kori Renn Director of Career Advising Kori Renn