ATTN: Class of 2020 and 2021! Prep for Fall With Our Summer TO DO LIST

  1. Gain meaningful summer experience and turn it into an internship! Check out the internship definition and examples, you might have completed one already!
    • Volunteer – give back to a local charity that’s important to you
    • Server – you’ll gain valuable customer service skills
    • Entrepreneur – launch your own service: landscaping, walking dogs, painting houses
    • Freelance – write blogs for an organization, manage a company’s social media pages
    • Camp Counselor – you’ll gain interpersonal and organizational skills
  2. Conduct 3-5 informational interviews to learn more about companies you are interested in
    • Utilize the IU and Kelley groups on LinkedIn to connect with alumni in your area(s) of interest.
  3. Conduct company research for your target positions and employers
    • Explore the list of companies that attended our career fairs: The Fairs App -Begin living in the space in which you want to work by following company social platforms (“like” the company’s Facebook page, follow the company’s Twitter handle, read the company blog, etc.).
    • Expand the list of targeted companies beyond Kelley Connect
  4. Update your resume
    • Make sure it is in tip-top shape and ready to go for fall recruiting.
    • For guidance, go to Kelley Connect > Resources > Resumes & More
  5. Make a career coach appointment, we are here ALL summer!
    • Come see us or make a virtual appointment to plan your internship search strategy and get ready for fall recruiting.

We are open all year! Please email us at or call us at 812-855-5317 with any immediate questions.

By Kori Renn
Kori Renn Director of Career Advising Kori Renn