Job Market Watch – Weekly Update (4/20/20)

Where we are at:  Another week, similar story to what we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks.  There are now over 22 million people who have filed for unemployment in the past four weeks and another 4+ million are expected to file this week.  We will be seeing a lot of companies (about 1/5 of public companies) reporting earnings results this week, which will provide a better window on the real corporate impact the pandemic has been having.  This continues to help us understand what companies are seeing/feeling and what that could mean for future hiring.  We are watching various European economies beginning to open, which hopefully can provide some sort of a blueprint for how the US can slowly do the same.

What we are hearing from companies:  Honestly, not a lot has changed in what we have been hearing.  We have seen a small uptick in internships being cancelled, but those tend to be in concentrated markets such as retail, cruise lines, airlines, food, and steel that have been particularly hard hit.  There are a few insurance and financial companies on the list as well.  As I’ve mentioned before, the VAST majority of companies are still holding true to their internship and full time offers, albeit possibly in a different format (particularly for internships).  Virtual internships and pushed back start dates are becoming a lot more common, as companies try to figure out the best way to manage through this.  There are still A LOT of jobs being posted on Kelley Connect (over 100 last week) so make sure to be checking it regularly.  LinkedIn also has a lot of postings and they have a good list of companies hiring. Here are a few cool new roles that are posted on Kelley Connect currently:

  • Beckman Coulter, Client Services Analyst, Job ID 40641, Full time – domestic only – Indianapolis
  • Saunders Midwest – Sales Manager, Job ID 40639, Full time – domestic only – Chicago

There are many other full time and internship roles out there, so make sure to look if you are still seeking.

What you should be doing now:  I’ve mentioned a lot of possibilities of things that you can be doing now in my prior posts.  They are all still really good options for you for this summer.  One thing that you should definitely be focused on is taking care of yourself.  It is really easy during this time to fall into depression or negative thinking.  Make sure to be doing things such as the following to stay healthy and in a more positive mindset:

  • Exercise – take a walk, get outside and enjoy the weather as it gets nicer. It’s good to get fresh air and hear the birds and see the flowers.
  • Talk to people – connect with friends and family as we have all become more isolated.
  • Know that it’s OK to have waves of feelings – some days are good, some not so much. It’s good to talk to others about these feelings as many others are feeling the same way during this time.

Lastly, reach out to UCS and we can help coach you through this.  We are here to help.

Rebecca Cook, CFA, PCC
Executive Director, Undergraduate Career Services

By Rebecca Cook
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