Update from the Executive Director (Fall)

Welcome back to Kelley!  We are excited to have you here, both physically and virtually, and look forward to working with you this year on everything career related.

The hiring market has definitely changed due to COVID-19.  Certain industries have been hit harder than others, and there is still a lot of uncertainty within companies as they figure out the COVID impact.  It’s important to recognize that this job market isn’t the same as what you saw last fall in that there aren’t as many jobs available and the opportunity to be picky about jobs isn’t quite as high.

Given that, we have made a variety of changes this year in UCS to help you on your job search in this new environment.  We will be sending out a lot of information, so make sure to stay on top of everything through careers.kelley.iu.edu.  Here are some of the key items to be focused on:

  • Handshake – This is our new system that took over for Kelley Connect. Make sure to get in there as soon as possible as we have a lot of Employer Networking Nights, Career Fairs and employer events that are starting now.  We will be hosting several training events over the next few weeks to get to know the tips and tricks of the system.
  • Lots of new opportunities – one of the key advantages of moving to Handshake is that it greatly expands our employer reach. Over 400,000 companies are on Handshake, new employers are adding Kelley/IU every day, and the quantity/quality of jobs available to you as students is greatly improved.  It is easy to get a little overwhelmed with everything coming through on Handshake, so we recommend using filters to make it tailored to your interests.  As mentioned above, we will be hosting a variety of training sessions over the next few weeks to learn how to best do this.
  • Everything will be virtual! – Given all the space and travel restrictions, everything in Kelley UCS will be virtual this year. This includes career coaching appointments, Employer Networking Nights, Career Fairs, company information sessions, drop-in peer coaching and all UCS programming.  While this may not seem ideal, it actually allows more companies to recruit at Kelley as they don’t have to travel to recruit.  Keep an eye on careers.kelley.iu.edu and Handshake for all up to date information and registration information.

The most important thing to remember is that we are open for business and here to help.  Please email KelleyUCS@iu.edu with any questions.

Rebecca Cook, CFA, PCC
Executive Director, Undergraduate Career Services


By Rebecca Cook
Rebecca Cook Rebecca Cook