Update from the Executive Director (Winter)

Where we are at:  It’s been an interesting year and a significantly different fall semester than what we are used to.  However, we persevered, adapted, and came away with a lot of new or increased skills in areas such as dealing with ambiguity, virtual interviewing, and finding new ways to network and connect with companies.

After the overall job market fell significantly in the spring due to COVID and its related economic restrictions, we saw a nice rebound in the job market during the summer and early fall as well as a significant drop in the unemployment rate from its spring high.  The latest government job report indicates that this increase has slowed and that the job market is currently flattening out.  While this is something to keep watching, data (both published and what our companies are telling us) continues to support that most companies are still very interested in hiring for entry level roles.

What we are hearing from companies:  This year’s hiring cycle is not like what we have seen over the past several years – it is going to be much more spread out.  Historically, most of our recruiting at Kelley happened in the fall with a much smaller amount of hiring occurring in the spring.  This fall, almost all of our usual companies continued to recruit at Kelley, albeit in a virtual manner.  Some companies reduced the number of students they were planning on hiring due to continued COVID uncertainty, and a few companies have not yet started their recruitment efforts (particularly in areas such as hospitality and transportation).  We continue to expect that a lot of hiring will happen in the spring, with some companies coming back for more students as they see their business pick up, and other companies hiring for the first time this academic year as they now have a better handle on the COVID impact to their businesses.

Net net, don’t worry that you have missed everything as you most certainly haven’t!

What you should be doing now:  Here are some important things that you should be focusing on over the next few months while you are on break:

  • If you are still seeking an internship or a full time role, reach out to UCS right away as we can help! If you have an offer (or offers), reach out as well as we can assist you in thinking through them and making the right decision.
  • Make sure to continue to watch Handshake regularly as we will be posting a lot of new opportunities over the winter break and into the spring semester.
  • Speaking of Handshake, make sure your profile is complete. Companies use this to search for students and connect with them, so the more complete your profile is, the greater the chance that you will see increased connections with companies.
  • Use this time to practice your networking and interviewing skills. We will be hosting several Employer Networking Nights starting in late January as well as a Career Fair in mid-February so make sure you are honing your skills.
  • Use this time to network in your area(s) of interest. Most people are still working from home, so this is a great time to reach out and connect with alumni, family, friends, etc.

We wish you a wonderful break and Happy Holidays!

Rebecca Cook, CFA, PCC
Executive Director, Undergraduate Career Services

By Rebecca Cook
Rebecca Cook Rebecca Cook