So You Say You Have Been Searching?

So you’ve been searching for an internship or full time employment during the pandemic and haven’t been successful yet? That’s ok. I’ve been talking with many students and have found that for many of you, your search efforts have meant applying to jobs on Handshake or directly on a company’s website and nothing more. I’ve talked to students who have applied to over 50 jobs without success and my response is always the same, “That’s not a job search.”

Although applying to jobs online is a part of a job search, it’s just one step to be a potential candidate.  Employers and recruiters get hundreds of qualified applications for each position.  Conducting a job search with the potential for success requires connecting with people.  Regardless of the virtual tools used – Hirevue, resume review tools, Recruiting AI – at the end of the day, a person or group of people makes the decision who to interview and further, who to hire.  If you haven’t talked to professionals (notice this word is plural) at a company you’re pursuing, your likelihood of success is just about zero.

“But I have limited time,” you say. “I don’t have time to network. What if I’m talking to people and don’t get a job at that company anyway.  Isn’t that a waste of time?”  No, it’s not a waste of your time.  The sooner you embrace the notion that your career is based on relationships, the more successful you’ll be.  You’re developing relationships for the foundation of your career, not just for one point in time to get a job out of IU.  If you approach your networking in this way 1) it’ll be way more fun 2) your conversations will be more genuine 3) you’ll learn and retain more and 4) you will find success. Yes, it takes time and effort but isn’t your career worth it?

If you have questions about how to connect with professionals on LinkedIn, how to develop and maintain professional relationships, or how to utilize your time effectively to search for internship or full time opportunities, set up an appointment with one of our professional coaches.  We can help!

By Kori Renn
Kori Renn Director of Career Advising