The Just-In-Time (JIT) Job Market

Below are some things to consider and ways to tailor your search for the JIT market:

  • Your Resume: Do you need to make adjustments to your resume for this JIT audience? This may include adding a relevant coursework section. This may mean removing your GPA if it is below a 3.0 to focus on your experience and skills.
  • Your Outreach: Now is the time to ramp up your networking efforts. Aim to spend 20% of your job search time on completing and submitting online applications. The other 80% should be spent on outreach to help you unearth the hidden job market.
  • Where You Search & How: The UCS will continue to receive job postings on Handshake so continue to check this resource a few times a week. Check LinkedIn for opportunities where you can identify potential connections within the company.

Reach out to the UCS and make an appointment with a career coach if you have questions!

By Lisa Bell
Lisa Bell Assistant Director of Employer Operations and Systems Management