You Got This!

We know it’s a busy time of the semester! If you are conducting a search for an internship or full-time opportunity, each of you may be at different points in your search. Some of you may be just starting – check out 7 Steps for Landing an Interview.  Some of you may be back at it after taking a pause to focus on mid-terms, and others of you may be waiting to hear back from companies with whom you have interviewed. Wherever you are in your search, keep going!

Try to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour each day to spend on some aspect of your search. And remember, if you are spending ALL of your job search time submitting applications online through Handshake or other job search websites, it’s time to make an adjustment to your search strategy so that you incorporate networking and outreach to people in your circle of contacts and potential employers.

Questions about how to best reach out to contacts?

  1. Make an appointment on Handshake with a professional career coach. Peer coaches also have short, 10-minute coaching appointments available.
  2. Four Tips to Network on LinkedIn
  3. Informational Interview Tips (including sample outreach email)
By Lisa Bell
Lisa Bell Assistant Director of Employer Operations and Systems Management