Why Updating the UCS on Your Internship or Full-Time Search Is Important

If you are a junior or a senior, you have received multiple messages from our office asking you to update us on your internship search or progress with post-graduation plans. Please be assured that any information that you report is kept strictly confidential and that any data shared is only reported in aggregate. Here are the reasons why we ask for the information and why it is important:

  1. For You: If you are recruiting this semester and searching for an internship or full-time opportunity, we want to help you. We continue to hear from a number of employers with opportunities and asking about students who are available for hire. If we know whether or not you are still seeking, we can connect available opportunities with students in the job market.
  2. For Current & Prospective Students: How Kelley students do in the job market was probably one of the aspects you thought about before you came to Kelley. As a current Kelley student, you might be curious about whether or not the offer you have received or will receive is competitive with other offers. Employment information shared by you allows us to compile aggregate information which then helps current and prospective students alike.
  3. For the School: The UCS collects employment information on behalf of the Kelley School. Dean Kesner and Provost Robel request this information to measure outcomes, for the accreditation process, and for reporting to media publications.
  4. For Employers: Employers contact us annually to determine average salaries so they are competitive. This also helps the UCS to effectively strategize with firms on their recruitment needs and goals at Kelley.

Update your status TODAY!


By Lisa Bell
Lisa Bell Lisa Bell