Creating Your Own Internship & Summer Work Experiences

by Dan Piekarsky, UCS Career Coach

What do you do when you can’t find an internship? You make your own!  If you have a summer job lined up, is there anything in that position or with that organization that you could do to get exposure to “Professional Experience”?

You wait tables? Get some managerial experience and ask to do the scheduling.  Ask if you could help with the bookkeeping. Work at the pool?  Do they have a snack shop?  Ask if you can be responsible for inventory control, ordering and marketing.  Lawn Business?  Hire some employees, expand your business and services.  Expand your marketing efforts, track your business like a professional, do some projections, etc.

Think like a business professional and get creative. Create a research project, talk with business professionals, industry leaders, and do some informational interviews every day. Interested in equity research? Start researching companies, get their data, run your own “research firm.”  Get creative and take the initiative to enhance your summer work experiences!


By Lisa Bell
Lisa Bell Lisa Bell