Student Newsletter – FALL SEMESTER PREVIEW

August 18, 2021

The UCS team has been busy preparing for the recruiting season and we are excited to welcome you back to campus! Our employer relations team has been working closely with companies and planning this fall’s recruiting events to help you connect with recruiters. Our career coaching team has been fielding many questions from students about planning for their upcoming internship and full-time job searches.

What can you expect from recruiting this coming year?


Many companies still have budget and travel restrictions and continue to work virtually. Therefore, their recruiting will take place virtually. Other companies plan to have a physical presence on campus. So, it is important to be prepared for both in person and virtual recruiting. Pay close attention to event details in Handshake which will indicate if a recruiting event will be in person or virtual.


  1. Get your resume in the Kelley format and make any updates necessary.
  2. Update your Handshake profile and make it visible to companies by selecting the “Community” or “Employers” setting.
  3. Use the Jobs & Events tabs to start noting down opportunities of interest and adding important recruiting events to your calendar.
  4. NETWORK – talk to fellow classmates who interned at companies of interest and recent alums, family or other contacts who are in your target jobs or at your target companies.
  5. Meet with a career coach – we can help no matter what stage of the career process you are in!


There will be several opportunities to get help with your resume during the 1st week of classes.

  1. Our annual Resume Blitz will take place on Thursday, August 26 – drop by the Prebys Center for a quick 5-10 min. resume review between 7-9pm.
  2. There will be a limited number of individual coaching appointments for resume reviews during Week 1 and the coaching team will be offering resume reviews in groups so we can help the greatest number of students possible who are requesting resume help. Resume sessions will be offered for juniors and seniors who have incorporated feedback from their Compass II resume and added internships or new experiences. Sessions will also be offered to first-year students and sophomores who have not yet taken Compass II and are just getting started with a resume. See Handshake to register under the Events tab. Events are titled “Kelley Resume Sessions”.


The UCS will be loaded with snacks during the 1st week of classes so come by and say hi. We will also be having our annual pizza party/welcome back celebration on Thursday, August 26 so stop by and get your career search questions answered while you pick up some eats!


1) Read our weekly newsletter (pat yourself on the back if you’re reading this because you’ve already done step 1!

2) Connect to the UCS Insta Account.

3) Regularly check for updates/events/resources.

4) Drop ins begin week 2 from 10am-3pm, no appointment needed.

By Eunice Donovan
Eunice Donovan Associate Director Eunice Donovan