September 7, 2021

The Consulting Services/Technology Career Fair this Friday, Sept. 10 begins the first of our 4 virtual career fairs this month. The night before, on Thursday, Sept. 9, is one of 4 virtual Employer Networking Nights taking place this semester. [Remember, (1) you must register on Handshake for these events AND (2) you must sign up for group sessions or one-on-one slots with the firms you have interest in. Solely registering does NOT get you in front of employers!]

Employers are only participating in one Kelley career fair according to their industry and will have representatives for different functions they are hiring for.

Virtual does not mean optional!  Employers set time to meet with you. If you schedule a session for one of the career fair events, SHOW UP!  Mark your calendar, log in on time. The employers know who is on their schedule and will document and remember a no show.

If you have technical difficulty or day of event questions, our zoom front desk will be available.

How can I make myself stand out at one of these events?  Talk to a career coach by making a 20-minute appointment on Handshake or stop by the UCS in the Prebys Career Center during our drop-in hours Monday-Friday 10am-3pm for quick 5-10 min. questions.


  1. Do your research – Some basics you should know: the company’s products and/or services, opportunities available and skills required of the position, current news and events at the company, competitors, and size and location of their operations.
  2. Prepare talking points – Plan how you will introduce yourself. Think about what 3 key experiences and skills you may want to highlight, especially as they relate to the position in which you are interested.
  3. Come up with questions to ask the recruiter – A recruiting event like a career fair is not only for the recruiter to get to know you. It is also an opportunity for you to assess the company. Your questions can help you understand the job and culture of the company better and determine if the company is a good fit for you.
  4. Aim to make the interaction conversational – When introducing yourself, state your name, year in school, major, type of opportunity you are looking for and then a question you can ask that will engage the recruiter in a conversation. As the recruiter answers your questions and shares information, see where you can artfully weave in the other talking points about your experiences and skills.


Many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) software to help them manage job applications that come in for opportunities. Read on for how to Beat the Robots: How to Get Your Resume Past the System and Into Human Hands.


  1. Become familiar with the job search filter
  2. Save your job searches
  3. Check out our Handshake Job Search Tips resource for more


UCS has recently launched a tool called StandOut to help you practice your interview skills.  There are currently eight different mock interviews in the system for you to try.   Click here for instructions to get started.



  • 7 Steps to Landing an Interview Action Plan
  • Kelley Resume Books – Kelley UCS wants to promote you to employers. If you are a Kelley Senior or Junior, follow these steps to be included in the UCS resume books that will be shared directly with employers who are hiring. Employers may request resumes of candidates, so we recommend uploading your resume as soon as possible to help maximize your visibility to companies.


  • Sophomore Friendly Hiring List – continue to use Handshake as your best resource to find opportunities. Companies are eager to engage with students and offer a wide variety of early identification experiences for 2nd year students.
  • Please update your resume and follow these steps to be included in a Kelley Resume Book

1st Year Students  


Instagram Takeovers
KPMG (TODAY, Sept. 7) and Deloitte Consulting (Wednesday, Sept. 8)

Kelley Professional Services Career Fair (Virtual)
Tuesday, Sept. 14

Kelley Health Care/Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences Career Fair (Virtual)
Wednesday, Sept. 15


Charles Schwab Wealth Management Workshop Call-Out Meeting
TODAY, Sept. 7

KISI Local Internships Deadline
Sunday, Sept. 12

By Eunice Donovan
Eunice Donovan Associate Director Eunice Donovan