Just for Our International Students – On Your Next Steps

 “Explore” is our word for March! Explore the IU campus and nature as spring nears! Explore new ways to boost your internship or job search strategies! Would that be by reaching out to us at UCS, possible employers, or expanding your network? Either way, set your March goal today!

Some tips:

  • IU is one of the top international campuses, and OIS is eager to support your career goals and educate you about your employability options. These options are very different from your peers’ employability options, your education, skills, and goals differ from everyone else’s. So, check in with us or OIS and learn your options!
  • UCS team: we are here to support each step of your way towards your career. Would that be developing your strategy, exploring your options, strengthening your network, helping you with your resume, improving your interview skills, or developing something else to support you? Let us know, or just stop in and visit the UCS to get your fresh cup of coffee today! 😊
  • Handshake and the International Friendly Hiring List are only your initial resources. Although a number of new positions are posted daily on Handshake, and we compile the List based on last year’s numbers, this year is different. We hear of international students securing internship or employment with a company or organization that is not on Handshake nor on our List. These are other wonderful Kelley international students like you – that are determined, hardworking and resourceful!

So, maybe take a walk outside and consider what your next steps should be—we would be glad to help you accomplish them!

By Irena Otten
Irena Otten Associate Director of International Student Services & Career Coach