Student Newsletter

March 29, 2022


Many students have a specific location in mind for full-time or internship employment. During the post-pandemic employment market, know that location in many instances is fluid.  Just because a job is posted for a specific office or geographic market does not mean that the employer is dead set on you working in that location. Ask the question before eliminating an opportunity.  Virtual is the new normal, so there’s a good chance that the opportunity you’re interested in is available in the location you’re interested in.  On that same note, we encourage you to avoid limiting your search by solely using the location filter on Handshake.  This can limit your options and searching by a specific city will not likely reflect the actual availability of options in that marketplace.

If you search by location, here are some tips for Handshake and other Job Search Engines:

  1. Conduct multiple searches including the names of surrounding areas (i.e. St. Charles, Rosemont, Elmhurst, Schaumberg all near Chicago).
  2. Include Nationwide – Jobs that are location agnostic may have nationwide or any location in lieu of a city. In Handshake, if a company puts Nationwide or all locations, it will not show up if you filter by a city.
  3. Include City of Choice and surrounding areas (mileage).
  4. Search by Zip Code(s).

If you have any questions about how your search, please set up an appointment with one of the UCS Career Coaches.


How many times have you said this about company job descriptions? Applying for jobs takes a lot of time. You have to prep your resume, submit it online and often the company has a separate online application you have to complete. Who has time to read those lengthy job descriptions? Here is why making time to read them does matter and how knowing the job description can give you an edge for your search.


Oh yes you do! If you are feeling discouraged about your search for an internship or full-time job due to a lack of experience, it is time to re-frame your thinking! Consider your extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and volunteer experiences from high school and the experiences and classroom projects that you have been engaged with at IU. There continue to be opportunities to get involved here at IU and it is these collective extracurricular and academic experiences that have given you qualities and skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, leadership, customer service, and analytical skills that many employers are looking for. The key is to know what skills your target employers are seeking and mapping your experiences to these skills. This article – “How to Get Hired with No Experience”– provides some good tips for how to align your skills with hiring companies during your search process.


Have a virtual interview or a call coming up? We have media quality space in the Prebys Center for your next virtual interview or employer conversation. Stop by the UCS Front Desk or email to reserve a room in advance.


If you have secured an internship or full-time offer or have made the decision to go to graduate school next year, congratulations! Please report your offer on our website. The UCS collects employment statistics on behalf of the school and this information is helpful for current and prospective students, as well as employers. Be assured that any information you report, is strictly confidential and reported only in aggregate. Once you have reported your offer or grad school decision, come by the UCS to pick up your free “Kelley Hired” t-shirt, cap, or mug.


The Unfiltered Career Search podcast is back for Season 2! Created by Kelley UCS peer coaches, JP, Michelle, Shiv & Hannah, the podcast takes a bi-weekly dive into topics surrounding career, college recruiting and the struggles that come with it all. Missed our episodes so far or want to listen to them again? Check them out HERE! Stay tuned, new episode dropping on Tuesday, April 5.



JUNIORS & SENIORS – Meet other members of the Kelley Family on April 1!

  • In partnership with the Kelley Office of Development & Engagement, the UCS will be hosting a company roundtables event this Friday for Juniors & Seniors seeking employment. Participants will include members of the Kelley Parent Council representing their companies. Limited space available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like to attend, please send an email to

 FIRST YEARS & SOPHOMORES – Leadership & Job Shadow Programs

  • Many companies are interested in meeting 1st and 2nd year college students. Several have posted job shadow and leadership program opportunities in Handshake. These are categorized under “Experiential Learning” in Handshake and are great opportunities to network, learn more about a day in the life at a particular company, and what it’s like to work in a specific role. To find these opportunities, click on the “Jobs” tab. Click on “All filters” > “+More” > Experiential Learning.
By Eunice Donovan
Eunice Donovan Career Coach