Just for Our International Students – May Newsletter

Goodbye Spring Semester, Hello Summer!
Class of 2022 – Congratulations!

Did you know? Regardless of if you are graduating or not, do get in touch with us for any career related questions or to start preparing for fall recruiting! UCS coaches will be available this summer by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled in person or virtually on Handshake.

And don’t forget, hundreds of internships and full-time jobs are available on Handshake, so you can continue to apply!

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy your well-earned summer break, or for grads—congratulations and best of luck with your next steps!

Have an Internship, Job, or Graduate School Lined Up?

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Don’t Forget about CPT for Your Internship in the U.S.

Do you have a summer internship lined up here in the U.S.? International students MUST HAVE U.S. government authorization to intern/work outside the university. The CPT process can take up to four (4) weeks! Learn more on how you can get this process started as soon as possible!


Summer To-Do List 1: NETWORK

Are you familiar with the phrase “It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know”? As simple as it sounds, it highlights the importance of networking! Summer is a great time for you to start creating, building, and maintaining your personal and professional contacts and networks. Start with your family and friends—do any of them work in a company or industry you might be interested in? Utilize our NETWORKING RESOURCE (Global Networking, Informational Interviewing, Kelley Alumni, and MORE!) to help you get started!

Summer To-Do List 2: RESEARCH

Unsure what kind of majors, careers, and companies you might be interested in? Use your summer wisely by doing some research on majors offered at Kelley, career paths you might find interesting, and outcomes.

Summer To-Do List 3: PREPARE

Summer break might feel long, but it goes by FAST! Start preparing for fall recruiting EARLY so you are calm, collected, and confident to take on the busy recruiting period!


I had a hard time figuring out what I want to do when I started college. As an international student without any prior background in business, it took me a whole semester just to figure out the differences between accounting and finance. Everyone in Kelley seemed to know what they were doing and what’s what (they probably didn’t), and this peer pressure pushed me to be extremely proactive just to catch up at the time, which eventually paid off. I summarized a few points below that helped me secure my job as an international student, and I hope this could be somewhat beneficial to you.

Figure out the differences between majors and where they can take you, as early as possible. Working as a business services professional is very different from working for a corporation. Working as a FP&A analyst has a very different lifestyle vs. working as an investment banker or consultant. If you don’t know the differences, I recommend you to attend different student club meetings and schedule an appointment with UCS coaches as a starting point. Once you have a general knowledge of a major / career, you should start conducting information interviews with people who worked in the field (juniors/seniors, professionals, professors, etc.). If you don’t know who to reach out to, UCS can always give you some directions. Only reach out to people if you are genuinely interested in their experience; everyone has better things to do. Take notes during these conversations – it will allow you to ask better and more specific questions down the road. There is no conflict of interest at this time in terms of job interview opportunities, so I encourage you to talk to as many people as possible before recruiting kicks off (maybe target 2-3 people a week at the beginning).

Your question list should be relevant and tailored towards to the person. Very basic, but you don’t want to center your discussion with a senior who is doing Tech Consulting about careers in marketing. You don’t want to ask a domestic professional how the visa process works in their firm as they probably don’t have an answer for you. Networking for potential job opportunities is the same as informational interviews; the only difference is that people expect you to know the role before you talk to them (if it is a networking call vs. informational call). After speaking with hundreds of candidates, it is very easy for us to tell during the conversation on how much homework you did before you reached out and how enthusiastic you are. If you are reaching out to professionals, don’t wait till weeks before recruiting season kicks off. Your response rate will likely be much lower because people’s schedule is very tight during those periods.

Most firm has a way to sponsor visa, even though they say they do not. Only talk about visa sponsorship to relevant people (most of the time is HR, if you get to that stage; or a professional/student sharing the same background). Don’t center your conversation around visa as you will only be remembered as an international student. Talk about why you are interested in the field and how you get here, what you do for fun, and interesting stories during your time studying in Kelley. The best conversations are always personal and memorable, and if you are memorable and fun to talk to, you will organically be on top of the list when it comes to interview. At the end of the day, employers are just looking for fun and interesting colleagues who can do the job. I encourage you to talk to firms who “do not sponsor” as well – there are many happy ending stories.

Be extra ready and prepared. If your desired role requires technical interviews, unfortunately there is no shortcut – you need to prepare and do a lot of mock interviews with different people. Getting an interview as international student is not easy, and you don’t want to lose the opportunity because of the technical requirements (technical questions, minimal GPA, and required credits etc.).

Consider dual majoring a STEM degree. Having 3 years of work authorization without H1B sponsorship will make you almost a domestic candidate in recruiting.

Do something for summer break; it doesn’t have to be an internship. I personally like hearing studying abroad experience, fun traveling stories, and different things people do (solo backpacking, working as barista, getting diving license, etc.) better than what you mastered in internships. Summer experience is always a good topic / question for fall recruiting season.

Hope this is helpful, I’m happy to discuss if you have any specific questions. You can reach out to me at yuanting.cheng@morganstanley.com. Good luck and have a fun summer break!

Yuanting Cheng
Morgan Stanley | Investment Banking Division


Passport Careers is holding a variety of online global career sessions almost every day during May and June, that will immensely support your career effort! So, you should plan on attending as many as you can!

Lockin 2022 Internship Position Online Recruiting Campaign
Good News for students searching for Summer Internship. Lockin China collaborates with hundreds of client companies to provide thousands of summer internship positions, including but not limited to famed companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, JD.com, PwC, Disney, etc., covering various of industries like Internet, finance, consulting, manufacturing, electronics, etc.

Lockin China Global Talents Career FairsShanghai: Sunday, May 22 | Shenzhen: Saturday, May 2 – Sunday, May 29
It is estimated that 150+ reputable employers will be participating career fair in the Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, bringing over 2000 on-site interview positions.

Target group: Social Recruitment and Campus Recruitment

Industry and area: Covering Internet, Finance, Consulting, Manufacturing, FMCG etc.

Enterprise type: foreign enterprises, top internet enterprise, state-owned enterprises, well-known private enterprises, etc.

Positions: trainees, data analysis, R&D, consulting, marketing, human resources, finance, education, logistics, and overseas positions, etc.

More events are available on Handshake! Plan to attend as many as you can, these are opportunities for you to connect with recruiters, alumni, learn about openings, skills and also expand your network!


Hire Ed – company and industry information can give you a competitive advantage when preparing for an internship or interview, and the experts at the Business/SPEA Library can help you do the research

My Visa Jobs – resource to explore employment options in the U.S.

Hutton Honors College Grant Program

Organization for Non-Traditional Students at Indiana University

Keep Learning at IU – a site for students to find support and resources to continue their successful IU experience


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By Irena Otten
Irena Otten Associate Director of International Student Services & Career Coach