Just for Our International Students – Happy International Education Week!

Here is another opportunity for you to share your culture and knowledge about your home region, but also to meet new peers/professionals, join clubs/organizations, learn about opportunities, and network! Various events are happening on our campus this week!

UCS is holding Drop-In Hours from November 7th – 11th at 12-1 pm for you to ask all of your career related questions! Also, we will hold a raffle at the end of the IEW where we will give away Kelley swag and a copy of the book Linked: Conquer LinkedIn. Get Your Dream Job. Own Your Future.

Seniors and Juniors, UCS makes available a resume book for hiring employers at their request. Companies request resumes of students who are in the job market, so if this is you, submit your resume(s) as soon as possible to the various UCS resume books. This will maximize your visibility to hiring companies. Complete these steps to have your resume included:

  1. Update your resume, if you haven’t – schedule an appointment with a Career Coach for final edit
  2. Log into Handshake
  3. Click on “Jobs” and search for Kelley Resume Book
  4. Select the “job title” that corresponds to your academic year AND major, then click APPLY [Please note: Your Handshake record is based on academic standing as determined by the registrar (based on credits).  If your class standing is not correctly reflected, this is an editable field.  To edit, click on the pencil icon by your photo on your profile and update your school year to accurately reflect Junior or Senior].
  5. Attach/Upload your resume, then click SUBMIT APPLICATION

You may apply to more than one resume book if you are pursuing more than one major…simply repeat steps 2 and 3!

IMPORTANT:  If your status changes i.e., you accepted an offer, and are no longer seeking, report your employment and withdraw your application(s) from the resume books asap.

Check out our new “Kelley:featuredjob” filter to view business related jobs posted specifically for Kelley students. From the “Jobs” tab > click on “All Filters” > scroll to the bottom to the “Labeled by your school” section > type in “Kelley:featuredjob”. Use the other filter options to narrow it down further.  

UCS Peer Coaches’ Tips

  • As F-1 visa holders, you should be eligible to work on campus. A great opportunity for us, international students, to gain U.S. work experience during our studies and start acquiring those soft skills!
  • Learn your job strengths as an international student!
  • Expand your network and make it work for you.
  • Learn about your targeted companies’ culture, companies want to maintain a specific company culture or identity, and they prefer candidates that fit that culture.

Your action steps for this month:

November Key Dates:

Login to Handshake for a complete listing of all UCS related events

K2C – Questions About Offers? Let’s Talk!:  Nov 9, 2022, 12:30 pm, Virtual

Passport Career, UN & IGO Academy, Part 2: Strategies to Really Get Your Foot in the Door with the UN and Intergovernmental Organizations: Nov 10, 2022, 10:30 am, Virtual

K2GC – They Were International Students, Now They Have Successful Careers: Nov 10, 2022, 12:30pm, Virtual

K2C – First Year Fast Track – How to Use Your Thanksgiving and Winter Break to Help You with Career Exploration!: Nov 11, 2022, 12pm, HH 0202 Kelley UCS Prebys Career Center

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By Irena Otten
Irena Otten Associate Director of International Student Services & Career Coach