Just for Our International Students – Networking is the Key to Success!

If we all know that 85% of jobs are filled through networking, could you ever network too much? The answer is NO!

Particularly for international students, connecting with professionals in the industry you are targeting, recruiters, Kelley alums, your peers at Kelley, family, and network back home, is invaluable. Each of these contacts could have a major impact on your career success!

By networking, you can learn about the industry, the lingo, possible career paths, and opportunities! You should always try to develop a genuine relationship and treat it as an informational interview.

If networking is not something you are accustomed to, it is in your interest to start now, rather than regret later!

Upcoming events that will help you navigate your job search strategy and your communication with employers:

UCS Peer Coaches’ Tips

  • Attend upcoming events! Research companies, edit your resume, practice your elevator pitch, and follow up with the professionals you meet!
  • H-1B Employer Data Hub – Find companies in the U.S. who have hired or submitted H-1B petitions for foreign nationals
  • In Handshake, when searching for positions check only one of the filters “Will sponsor or doesn’t require US work visa” and “Accepts OPT/CPT“. Then check the other option. You will be able to find more employment opportunities.

Your Action Steps for Next Month:

  • Professional Persistence is crucial, particularly for international students!
  • Sharpen your professional communication, since demonstrating strong communication skills is essential in the job search!
  • Improve your English-speaking skills and learn from native speakers who are eager to share their knowledge of the language.

Key Dates:

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By Irena Otten
Irena Otten Associate Director of International Student Services & Career Coach