Just for Our International Students – Global Competition for Talent is at an All-Time High!

Use this moment!

Whether your career goal is to go back to your home country or develop your career in a third country, or you are interested to gain some work experience in the U.S., your best options begin with targeting the right companies, networking with professionals from those companies, and having options when you need to decide!

Make sure to browse through our resources specifically developed for you, our international students! Questions? Schedule an appointment through Handshake or drop in during our drop in hours!

Amazing Kelley women, just another day to keep in mind: #EmbraceEquity, March 8th – International Women’s Day!

UCS Peer Coaches’ Tips

  • Depending on the size of the company, do not reach out to too many professionals. If you are not hearing back, it may be that your email is too generic and needs to be personalized.
  • Have you connected with a more senior students this week, international or not, to learn about their career path/goal?
  • What is your plan this Spring Break? Will you network?

Your Action Steps for this Month:

  • Network with alumni!
  • Check “Kelley:featuredjob” filter weekly! In Handshake, from the “Jobs” tab > click on “All Filters” > Scroll to the bottom to the “Labeled by your school” section > type in “Kelley:featuredjob”.
  • We updated our international friendly hiring list, since we’ve learned that more companies have hired our talent. However, you should still use this list as your starting point!

Key Dates:

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Helpful Resources

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By Irena Otten
Irena Otten Associate Director of International Student Services & Career Coach