Carol Maldonado

Career Coach

Carol Maldonado

What do you do?

I work as a career coach at the Undergraduate Career Services Office. As a coach, I help Kelley undergraduate students with resumes, job and internship search, career exploration, and career fair and interview preparation.

Why do you do it?

I work as a coach because I have a passion for working with students and helping them achieve their goals.

How I got here?

I worked in Chicago both in public accounting and industry for four years before making the move to join the Undergraduate Career Services Office. I decided to leave accounting because I wanted to pursue my passion of working with students and helping them reach their potential. My interest in working with students began at IU where I volunteered as an English as a Second Language Tutor and co – founded various Kelley student organizations such as the Emerging Markets Club whose mission was to help students connect with alumni in emerging markets. I also enjoyed volunteering with youth organizations in Chicago such as the Chicago Scholars Foundation, an organization where young professionals help first generation college students complete their college applications and essays.

What have you learned during your career?

I learned that ambition is essential for success and doing work that you deeply care about will lead to fulfillment.

What do you do away from work?

I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks related to business, education psychology, and tech, trying new coffee shops, and riding my bicycle.

I strongly believe…

…that everyone has a strength that he or she should offer to the world. Those who use their strengths will thrive.

I wish…

I wish Bloomington had a Freshii restaurant. I used to go to Freshii all the time while working in Chicago and fell in love with the healthy, fast casual concept.

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