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UCS Access & Hours 2020

By Lisa Bell
Lisa Bell Lisa Bell
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Job Market Watch – Weekly Update (5/4/20)


Where we are at:  Not much has changed since last week in terms of seeing dire numbers from the weekly unemployment filings.  We are currently at an unprecedented 30 million people who have filed for unemployment over the past six …

By Rebecca Cook
Rebecca Cook Profile Picture
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Connecting During Times of Economic Uncertainty

In Charge of Choices

The COVID-19 experience has created a great deal of stress and uncertainty for students who are about to graduate next week or who are graduating in the class of 2021.  Those with jobs are asking, “Will my employer honor the …

By Kori Renn
Kori Renn Director of Career Advising Kori Renn
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Kelley Alumni Initiatives To Connect Students & Alumni to Address Covid-19

Helping Others

A number of Kelley Alumni have begun to create opportunities to help students and graduates who have had experience opportunities impacted by COVID 19. We encourage you to participate in both!  Please feel free to share feedback with our office …

By Kori Renn
Kori Renn Director of Career Advising Kori Renn
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Just for Our International Students (5/2020)

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Goodbye Spring Semester, Hello Summer!
We’re already nearing the end of spring semester, and what a transition it has been! Did you know? We still have 300+ internship and job postings on Kelley Connect! Read below for helpful tips and …

By Sara Ko-Ada
Sara Ko-Ada Associate Director of International Student Services Sara Ko-Ada
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