HANDSHAKE: Job Search Tips


#1: Become familiar with the job search filter:  To filter, click “Job” > “All filters” > (customize filters to your specification) >“Show results” > view open positions > “Save your search.”  You can filter based on Job Function, Industry, Job Capacity (full-time, part-time, internship, etc.), Work Authorization, and much more.

#2: Save your job searches:  If you know the job you are looking for, saving your job searches is a nifty way to stay up to date with new positions that interest you. When you save a search, you get email updates when new positions become available meeting your filtered criteria.


#1: “Follow” an employer on Handshake:  When you “follow” an employer on Handshake, you will be updated on new positions and activities the employer makes available (i.e. Virtual Fairs): Click “Jobs” >“Employers” > (search specific employer or scroll the list of existing ones) >“Follow.”

#2: Research new companies in the “Employer” section: The “Employer” section of Handshake is a useful tool to research new companies you may not know about. By filtering through by location, size, industry, and other key characteristics you may stumble across an exciting company you had never heard of before.

#3: Regularly update your resume and profile because sometimes employers will reach out to you:  On the Employer side of Handshake, recruiters can find ideal candidates for their open positions based solely on their profile. Often, recruiters will invite those candidates to apply to their positions and open a dialogue that can be critical for securing the internship or job in the later stages of recruitment. Don’t be afraid to respond!

For more handshake tips, please visit careers.kelley.iu.edu or email KelleyUCS@iu.edu with questions.

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