HANDSHAKE: Steps to Take AFTER a Networking Event

Did you have a great conversation with a professional at a networking event (i.e. Employer Networking Night, Career Fair, etc.)?  That’s fantastic!!  But now the work starts.  The onus is on you (the candidate) to continue the conversation and to drive forward the initiative to interview.  Below are some steps you should take after connecting with an employer:

  • Get the professional’s contact information and follow up with a thank you email
  • Connect with the professional on LinkedIn
  • Follow up after your thank you email with additional questions or an article based on something you discussed during your conversation.
  • Ask the professional if there are other individuals he/she/they recommend that you speak with regarding your interest in the firm and to learn more.
  • Reach back out to a recruiter to understand the hiring timeline and re-express interest.
  • APPLY!! If you haven’t done so already.

You must be the one to take the initiative.  There may be some employers who proactively reach out, but if you wait for someone else to do the work, you’ll likely miss out.  Be professionally proactive and show your interest.

If you have any questions about these action steps make an appointment with one of the professional career coaches at the UCS.