Internship Definition and Examples

Change the way you think about internships.  They can be paid/unpaid, formal/informal.  Employers want to know “what did you do?” and “how did you make something better?”  They want to understand the skills you gained or applied in hopes you can do the same for their company.

THINK ABOUT THE “EXPERIENCES” YOU HAVE HAD WHILE AT KELLEY. You might have already completed an internship.

Review these criteria and check out the examples.

Consider these criteria when thinking about internships. Perhaps you have already completed one!  An internship:

  • can occur at any point during your college career.
  • adds up to a minimum of 120 hours of work within a six (6) consecutive month period.
  • requires supervision and/or mentorship.
  • allows you to apply the knowledge and skills that you have learned during college.
  • can be paid or unpaid.
  • can be for credit or not for credit.