StandOut, a virtual interview platform

Are you nervous about your virtual interview?  Do you want to StandOut?

UCS has recently launched a tool called StandOut to help you practice your interview skills.  There are currently eight different mock interviews in the system for you to try.   See tips below on how to get started:

  • Access StandOut directly or via One.IU.  You can use desktop or laptop, phone or ipad.
  • Enter your IU email, select “Indiana University”, and login with your SSO credentials.
  • Complete your profile along with recording an introduction video to test your video and speaker.
  • Click “Practice” in the top menu bar and search for the “Kelley Mock Interview”.
  • Select “More Details”, then click “Begin Practice” and listen to the questions and record your response.
  • Review the feedback and/or email to a friend to review.
  • For more practice interviews, search for “Kelley” to access the business related practice interviews. You typically get 5-8 questions and will have 2 minutes to review.  At the end of each session, you will have the opportunity to review both the question and answer you provided.

Use the following Virtual Practice interview check list to assess your interview skills

DELIVERY AND LANGUAGE □ Uses proper language and enunciates clearly
□ Takes time to process question before answering
□ Doesn’t ramble when answering
□ Avoids filler words and distracting mannerisms (ums, ahs, or tapping pen)
□ Not monotone or spoke to fast (Words per minute on average should be 120-180 wpm)
SKILL PRESENTATION □ Answers questions directly with details
□ Uses examples to demonstrate skill and abilities
□ Uses STAR Method to answer Behavioral Questions (Situation, Task, Action Result)
TECHNOLOGY □ Strong internet connection
□ Camera placement is at eye level
□ Camera placement is appropriate distance so head and shoulders are in frame
□ Sound level is appropriate
ENVIRONMENT □ Quiet and distraction free
□ Professional or clutter free background
□ Lighting: does not cast shadow on your face or glares
DRESS □ Avoid stripe or pattern shirts/blouses.
□ Coordinate with surroundings/background.


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