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WANT A CAREER IN SPORTS?  TeamWork Online provides access to thousands of sports jobs from over 1,000+ premier sports teams and 70+ annual events in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and more.  That’s great, right?  Even better is that Indiana University is partnered with TeamWork Online to provide additional benefits to our students via TeamWork U! These include weekly tips to improve your online application and monthly updates on the job landscape, where opportunities lie, advice from executives, and success stories from students who were able to land a job within their degree by using TeamWork U.

According to TeamWork U, these premium services increases your chance of getting hired 7x more.

Create your account today, and be sure to set INDIANA UNIVERSITY (BLOOMINGTON) as your school as this will provide you with TeamWork U access automatically.  Have more questions?  Email Buffy Filippell at

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