Co-Majors @ Kelley

Why pick a co-major?

Co-majors are great options to add knowledge, experience and skills. When selecting a major and co-major, keep in mind a combination of what you like to do (your strengths and passions), what types of career you seek (your career goals), and what jobs are offered under each major / co-major (what the job market is like today and in the future).

A co-major means that you must select a “regular” full major in addition to one of the co-majors offered below. Co-majors are typically broader subjects that can provide targeted study to enhance your chosen major, and can also help to differentiate or brand you to recruiters. Co-majors add concentrated knowledge and strengths.

Check out Kelley’s Co-Major options to see if one is right for you:

  • Business Analytics – Complement your primary major with advanced business analytics skills to better integrate data insights into your analyses and decision-making.
  • Digital and Social Media Business Applications – This co-major provides a blend of conceptual and analytical approaches that will hone your critical thinking and data-driven decision-making. This training is especially relevant for careers with technology and data providers.
  • Digital Technology Management – With this co-major, you can complement a functional area major such as Finance, Accounting, or Supply Chain Management with a background in Information Technology.
  • International Business – Learn about the underlying economic, political, and social trends of foreign nations and position yourself to work for companies with a multinational focus.
  • Law, Ethics and Decision-Making – The Law, Ethics & Decision making (LEAD) co-major will make you a better decision-maker with greater awareness of the global legal environment of business and the ethical dimensions of business decisions.
  • Sustainable Business – Gain valuable perspective on integrating sustainability into corporate strategy. This co-major complements a functional area of business with a strong background in sustainable business strategy and implementation.

Career Outcomes

The information below is based on data collected by Undergraduate Career Services for IU-Bloomington Kelley School of Business majors graduating (or expected to graduate) during the academic year specified, in accordance with national standards.  Note that this page defaults to an aggregate of “All Years,” so be sure to select “Class of 2023” from the dropdown below to get the very latest results!

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  • Fields of Study

First Destination

Outcomes for new graduates are referred to as "first destination," as this reflects each student's plan (or status) for the months immediately following graduation from the Kelley School of Business in Bloomington.  Additional details collected for those students whose status is "Employed Full Time" or "Continuing Education" help populate the aggregate charts and lists in the remaining selections, below.

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