Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Application Process for International Students

NOTE: This process can take up to FOUR (4) weeks. Start the process as soon as possible!


  • Completion of TWO academic semesters (fall and spring) immediately preceding the CPT request.
  • Ability to enroll in classes for same semester of your internship.
  • An employer offer letter on company letterhead or official email containing the following:
    • The specific start date (OR upon CPT authorization – ex. “May 15 or upon CPT authorization”) and end date of your internship/volunteer experience.
    • The number of hours you will intern or volunteer each week.
    • The complete physical address where you will be interning or volunteering. If this is a remote opportunity, your employer must state that on your offer letter and indicate the address of where you will be located to conduct the remote internship.
    • A detailed description of your tasks and specific projects as related to your major field/s or study.


  1. Complete the CPT/Internship Course Request Form.
    • NOTE: If this is not your FIRST CPT experience, you MUST also submit a detailed description (one paragraph personal statement is fine) highlighting how your internship with your MOST RECENT EMPLOYER/POSITION will differ from that of the PREVIOUS EMPLOYER/POSITION. Be specific on how your duties/tasks DIFFER and are more in depth/advanced related to your major from your previous CPT experience. Please insert this statement under the “Additional Information” section of the application.
  2. STOP! Wait until you receive the course permission email via in your IU email. Be sure to check your Inbox and Spam/Junk folder.
  3. After you receive the course permission email, enroll in BUS-W499 for the semester of your internship experience. Review the application deadlines to ensure timely submission and approval.
  4. In addition to completing the CPT/Internship Course Request Form, you must ALSO submit the CPT e-form through Atlas and complete the “Academic Advisor form” portion with the following information:
    • Department Information:
      • Academic Department?  Kelley School of Business
      • Academic Advisor’s Name?  Kelley Advising Office
      • Academic Advisor’s Email Address?
    • NOTE: You MUST attach your offer letter and any additional documents you initially provided Kelley UCS when submitting your e-form
  5. You will receive a confirmation email from OIS once your CPT has been approved.

You may check Atlas to see where you are on your CPT process.